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Why disappointing kiddos is okay?


I feel like since this virus made its appearance, I have been full of disappointments after disappointments for my little guy. Obviously, I don't want to break a 7-year-olds heart. But, what I do want to do is help him navigate these unseen obstacles, and show him that things "often" don't go as planned. I have to remind myself that my goal isn't to show him perfect, it's to show him resilience and give him the space to talk to me about his frustrations. Because, when we are upset, disappointed, and frustrated, sometimes what we want most is to just be heard, no matter our age or our struggle.

-I'm sorry kiddo, this is hard on all of us

-I understand why you would feel that way

-Thanks for telling me how you feel, I'm always here if you want to talk

-I'm sorry to disappoint you, trust me I didn't want to cancel either

-I know it's hard to hear, but thank you for trying to understand

With this in mind, I tried to let parents off the hook by creating a little sorry note from the Easter Bunny. Hopping you out of a bunny situation. And if they would like to share something with the Easter Bunny (good, sad, what they made or even an understanding or an angry note, please let them e-mail the Easter Bunny.

-Above is the Easter Bunny's an auto-response - a simple apology ready to go)

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